Tony Khan Credited For Improving WWE

Tony Khan Credited For Improving WWE

Matt Hardy believes that Tony Khan creating AEW has helped the entire wrestling industry as a whole.

Prior to the creation of AEW, WWE would run virtually unopposed each week. With there being no real competition, the number one company would sometimes play it safe and put out boring episodes of Raw and SmackDown. However, once Dynamite hit the airwaves in October 2019.

As AEW started to gather steam on the other side of the pandemic with the arrivals of major names such as CM Punk, Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson, WWE was left with no choice but to give their stars better creative and better pay to prevent them from thinking about jumping ship when their current deals were up.

Hardy was asked about what he thinks Tony Khan’s legacy will be when all is said and done on the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast. Hardy credited Khan with creating an alternative product that has not only allowed wrestlers to have an alternative place to work but with making the overall working environment of the industry a better place:

It would be huge. It would be massive. I mean, because like there’s been such a gap since WCW was around and AEW has been the closest thing to it. I mean, I feel like there’s no disputing that. I mean, I do agree with that? since since WCW, so I think it’s once again, improved pro wrestling has helped improve the quality of WWE, it’s improved the working conditions and pay for the wrestlers and employees of wrestling companies. So I mean, that’s it that’s a huge deal.

The fact that he took this leap of faith, and started a pro wrestling company because it’s something he’s been envisioning in his mind since he was 12 years old is a very ballsy thing to do. And he will go down in history as someone who helped make pro wrestling better and also helped create a space where many, many people could be employed and make livings for the family. So he will go down with very kind things said about him.

Tony Khan Wants To Remain Competitive

Despite not getting the result he would have wanted in the recent head-to-head with NXT, Khan remained positive about where his promotion is at as a whole. Thanking the employees for elevating AEW to where it is today, Khan intends to keep the challenger spirit alive.

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