Tony Khan Comments On WWE Trying To Allow Betting

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan believes that AEW has blazed a trail in terms of pro wrestling gambling as he says what WWE is looking to do, his company already does.

WWE raised eyebrows recently when it emerged that the company was pushing two US states to legalise betting on the outcome of its matches. Reports noted that match results would have to be locked in for months ahead of time and only known by the company’s top brass until books closed on the bouts, meaning that the creative team and the WWE stars themselves would be left in the dark as much as fans and gamblers.

Speaking to Adrian Hernandez of The Bet Las Vegas & The Sporting Tribune, Tony Khan was asked about WWE’s moves to open up gambling on pro wrestling and touted AEW’s partnership with DraftKings as a way it already happens:

“We’re already doing it. It’s a little interesting to see all this talk about it because DraftKings has a great partnership with AEW and they’re offering propositions on all events. It’s a huge sponsorship for us with DraftKings, and it’s been happening.

“If people would like to get action on the big events, specifically Double or Nothing, there are frequently great props and match betting on the Double or Nothing main event and some details around the show. When Double or Nothing comes to Las Vegas, you will be able to wager on it on DraftKings.

“They are a great sponsor for AEW and it’s been a great partnership. I’ve read some things about potentially more of that kind of action, but from what I’ve seen, there’s already a lot of that going on through our partnership with DraftKings.”

Betting on pro wrestling events is already legal in Europe although firms typically only offer markets on big events, the latest odds for WrestleMania 39 can be found here.

h/t Fightful