Tony Khan Comes Under Fire For Handling Of Ring Of Honor

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Not everyone is completely happy with how Tony Khan has booked and promoted Ring of Honor.

Cary Silkin ran Ring of Honor between 2004 and 2011 and remained an ambassador until the promotion was purchased by Tony Khan. Silkin later revealed that he had mixed feelings about the deal, describing it as both a “gut punch” and great joy.

Appearing on The Insiders, Silkin expanded on his feelings, explaining that while he’s got nothing against Khan personally, he feels ROH has lost its magic since the AEW boss took over the promotion.

“It’s still alive today, but it’s…it doesn’t have… even in the worst times of my Ring of Honor, even in the worst times of the Sinclair Ring of Honor, there was like ‘We’re all in this together’ kind of,

It was a family; the fans are family. And I like Tony Khan, and he’s a good guy, and he’s got so much on his plate that I just think the current Ring of Honor is… I can’t come up with the right words,” he continued. “And maybe I’m sour grapes a little. But it’s not gelled together properly.”

When Did Tony Khan Purchase Ring Of Honor?

On the March 2nd, 2022 episode of AEW Dynamite, Tony Khan announced he’d purchased Ring of Honor. This included the promotion’s tape library, brand assets, production equipment, and more.

Despite Khan saying the brand would operate separately from AEW, there has been a significant crossover between the two promotions.

ROH’s next special event, Final Battle will take place on December 15th.

H/t to Wrestling Inc