Tony Khan Addresses Chris Jericho Allegations

Chris Jericho Tony Khan

Tony Khan could not avoid questions about Chris Jericho as unspecified allegations against the AEW star surfaced.

Chris Jericho has faced a massive backlash as allegations surfaced linking him to the abrupt AEW exit of Kylie Rae back in 2018.

At the AEW Worlds End media scrum, Tony Khan was asked more generally by Kevin McElvaney of PWI about how AEW deals with past and current allegations of harassment with Khan noting that AEW has the best safety record of any wrestling company in the world:

I think it applies to everyone in the company, women and men, and it’s something we’re very serious about and we’ve had a policy in place and certainly, anytime there is anything like that, we would make sure we do everything we can to prevent it.

AEW has the best safety record, I believe, of any pro wrestling company in the world. I believe we have the most safe environment. I believe we have the best safety record of any pro wrestling company, and I would hold the record of AEW on safety against any wrestling company in the world and I think AEW is the safest place for pro wrestling. If any of our wrestlers ever have a concern, they always have an open line to talk to me and I believe anybody would sit here and tell you, they always can talk to me anytime they are concerned about anything.

If there was anything that came to light to me, I would take it to the disciplinary committee and that’s how we’ve been doing it. Our disciplinary committee has been doing a great job and everybody knows they have an open line to me or anybody on that committee.

Tony Khan “Can’t Speak To Internet & Unsourced Rumors”

Following that, Phil Strum of USA Today specifically asked if Chris Jericho had been “under any internal investigation for sexual misconduct or any other type of misconduct” during his time in AEW, to which Khan replied:

I can’t speak to internet and unsourced rumors. I spoke earlier to Kevin and mentioned the policy we have in place and the disciplinary process.

We’ve always followed that and I believe is the safest wrestling company in the world and we have the best track record for safety, and I would hold it up to anybody and anytime anybody has any kind of a complaint, they have an open door to say it to me or anyone in the office and we would look into it, anytime.

Chris Jericho was booed heavily by the AEW crowd at Worlds End but it remains to be seen if any concrete allegations will come to light regarding the star.

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