Chris Jericho Faces Huge Backlash As Allegations Surface

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There are serious allegations that have been made against AEW’s Chris Jericho regarding a former talent.

Chris Jericho has been one of the main faces of All Elite Wrestling since the day the company launched in January 2019. Jericho signed his contract to work for Tony Khan’s company on New Year’s Day 2019.

However, nearly five years after that date, there are allegations that Jericho was involved in something involving a former AEW women’s wrestler Kylie Rae. Kylie worked for AEW briefly in 2019 before requesting her release prior to AEW All Out 2019, which led to a lot of people wondering why should not want to work there.

On Christmas Day, Chris Jericho got into an argument on Twitter/X with CM Punk’s lawyer Steven P. New regarding the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that Punk and others involved in the All Out 2022 backstage fight had to sign. Jericho claimed that he didn’t sign any NDA agreement.

That was followed by Nick Hausman of HausOfWrestling asking Jericho: “What about the NDAs you make other people sign?” Hausman would then show a tweet sharing that Jericho blocked him.

On an episode of Nick Hausman’s Rumor & Innuendo podcast, Hausman talked about Jericho while alleging that there were “issues” with Jericho behind the scenes in AEW. Hausman even brought up Harvey Weinstein, who is in jail for two prison sentences combined for 39 years for using his power as a movie producer to force women into doing things against their will.

A clip from Hausman’s podcast was posted on Twitter/X featuring Hausman talking about a situation involving Jericho.

“There are issues with Chris behind the scenes, where I know a lot of people who were hurt by Chris and his actions. You know, it’s very uncomfortable to me to see him lauded like he is and only having the focus on that, because I do think there are a lot of questionable stories about Chris that will find their way out over time when people are ready to tell those stories, that will cast him in a very different light.”

“I mean, Harvey Weinstein won a lot of Oscars, Harvey Weinstein produced a lot of very popular films. Harvey Weinstein is now in jail … I’m not saying that is happening to Chris, but the narrative can quickly turn if you’re hiding a lot of skeletons in your closet.”

After that clip went out, a tweet from 2020 was shared when several wrestlers like David Starr were outed due to their awful behavior toward women, and a tweet referencing Jericho was mentioned. There is also another commenter who allegedly referenced something between Kylie Rae and Chris Jericho.

Kylie Rae was made aware of the situation and put out a tweet with a simple heart emoji.

Since all of this happened, Chris Jericho’s name has been trending on Twitter/X and any reference to him on the app refers to this story.

At the AEW All Out 2019 press conference in 2019, AEW Owner Tony Khan was asked about Kylie Rae’s release and stated that it was an amicable split.

“She is no longer with us. We had so many announcements going into the battle royal, she asked for her release, and we granted it. She called me and asked if she could be released from her contract. It’s pretty simple, I said, ‘yeah,’ I asked her if everything was okay, she said, ‘Yeah,’ she just didn’t want to be with the company anymore. We talked about it. It was very simple. So yeah.”

Chris Jericho In Action At AEW Worlds End

Chris Jericho is currently scheduled to compete at AEW Worlds End in Long Island, New York later this evening on December 30th in an eight-man tag team match. Jericho will team up with Sting, Darby Allin & Sammy Guevara against Big Bill, Ricky Starks, Konosuke Takeshita and Powerhouse Hobbs.

As of this writing, Chris Jericho hasn’t made any comments regarding this story.

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