Tony Khan Taking AEW Future “Year By Year”

Tony Khan AEW Dynamite

Tony Khan has revealed that he has no current plans to step away from AEW.

The 41 year-old has been at the helm of AEW since it burst onto the professional wrestling scene in January 2019 and also holds responsibility for the company’s creative output.

Despite being firmly entrenched in the day to day running of AEW, Khan also holds executive positions at NFL franchise Jacksonville Jaguars and Premier League side Fulham. Both organisations are owned by Khan’s father, Shahid Khan.

Speaking during a media call ahead of AEW Dynasty, Khan revealed that he would continue to review his hands-on participation with the company on an annual basis, but is currently enjoying the juggling of multiple responsibilities:

“I take it year by year, moment by moment, and really love what we’re doing right now.

I’m only 41 years old and I feel like the company’s in a really strong place, and some of the greatest wrestlers in the world are very loyal to me personally and I am really proud of that and hopefully can continue to do my best to repay them.”

Tony Khan Would Welcome AEW Arrival Of WWE Hall Of Famer

Whilst AEW have been able to create and elevate many of their own stars, they have also counted upon the star power of former WWE talents like Chris Jericho, Paul Wight and Bryan Danielson to draw viewers to their programming.

A number of notable AEW names, including Adam Copeland, Billy Gunn and Mark Henry, are also members of the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Tony Khan has also recently expressed his willingness to welcome further WWE Hall Of Fame talent to the company, including a former WWE Divas Champion.

H/T: WrestlingInc for the above transcription.