Tony Khan Admits AEW All In “Was A Really Hard Day”

Tony Khan Admits AEW All In

Tony Khan’s Wembley dream come true will always have an asterisk next to it.

All In will be mostly remembered for the spectacle and the achievement of AEW as a whole. However, for the immediate future fans will always associate it with CM Punk’s final match and the events that would eventually lead to the former World Champion’s termination from the promotion.

Khan confirmed that something did happen backstage at the post-show media scrum but would not comment on anything at that time. Punk remained a hot topic for the next week leading into All Out as his status for the Chicago pay-per-view remained uncertain until Khan publicly announced the firing of Punk the day before.

Now approaching six weeks after the firing, Khan was once again asked about what happened on the Dan LeBetard show. Khan chose to not answer the question directly but thanked the fans for their support:

“I have not really gone out and discussed that publicly beyond what I said in Chicago. I had to make a really hard decision after what happened, and I really appreciate all the fans standing by us and supporting AEW through this. What happened back there was a really hard day for a lot of people, and I don’t want to make light of it, because it was a really challenging circumstance.”

Tony Khan Celebrates AEW Dynamite: Title Tuesday

Facing some of its strongest competition in history, the rare Tuesday night Dynamite aired directly alongside a loaded WWE NXT that looked intent on achieving its highest rating ever. With the show also taking place on his birthday, Khan celebrated the landmark day after the show went off the air.

H/t to Wrestling Inc.