Tony Khan Addresses Social Media Use

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan has responded to his critics.

Since the launch of AEW back in 2019, boss Tony Khan has remained a prominent presence on social media, although he could be forgiven for thinking it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Khan has never shied away from hitting back at critics with many fans and pundits believing that the owner of the company should instead know when to walk away. Most recently, Tony Khan became embroiled in an online spat involving Jinder Mahal, WWE, the USA Network, and the likes of Eric Bischoff.

During a new interview with Adrian Hernandez, Khan was asked about his social media use, and the AEW President was quick to point out the positives.

“We’ve been able to promote the show and build engagement. Also, the company has a great presence. We have a great connection with the fans. We’ve been able to build real engagement at times.

There is tangible proof of that and our huge TV ratings and the fact that three of the last four weeks, Dynamite has beat the NBA on ESPN straight up. We’ve had great success connecting with our fans. I think what we have going works really well,”

Tony Khan Takes Fresh Jab Over TV Ratings

Tony Khan’s comments come as he questions “Where are the Fast Nationals?” on social media. Khan was reacting to AEW Rampage and Collision recording strong TV ratings after struggling in recent months.

The AEW boss has long believed that Fast National numbers — which are usually lower than the total figure, are leaked to reporters in an effort to smear AEW.

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