Tony Khan Reveals Details Of Adam Copeland’s AEW Contract

Adam Copeland Edge

Tony Khan has offered an insight into Adam Copeland’s deal with AEW.

The man known to WWE fans for decades as Edge announced himself as part of All Elite Wrestling at WrestleDream when he came face-to-face with his long-time partner Christian Cage. However, rather than align with Cage, Copeland saved Sting and Darby Allin from a vicious beatdown by Cage, Luchasaurus, and their new ally, Nick Wayne.

Copeland took out Luchasaurus and Wayne but Cage slithered out of the way saving a showdown between the long-time friends for further down the line.

Speaking at the post-WrestleDream press conference Tony Khan revealed that not only is Adam Copeland All Elite, but he’s also signed up for a full-time schedule:

“I would like to announce that Adam Copeland has officially signed with AEW. Something I’m really excited about, something that I think is going to set this apart, something that got me more excited about Adam being here is that he’s full-time, Adam’s going to be with us every week, he’s going to wrestle he’s a full-time part of the AEW roster.”

When did Adam Copeland leave WWE?

Copeland was last seen in a WWE ring back on the 18th of August edition of SmackDown when he had his last bout in the company against Sheamus. It was widely rumoured at the time that was the last contracted match of his current deal with WWE with his contract finally expiring on the 30th of September which left him free and clear to appear at WrestleDream.

h/t Inside The Ropes