Tony Atlas Reveals Which Wrestler Was The Most Disrespectful

Tony Atlas Reveals Which Wrestler Was The Most Disrespectful

WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas revealed who was the most repulsive individual he encountered during his illustrious wrestling career.

In a recent interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews according to Tony Atlas, the late Adrian Adonis holds the dubious distinction of being the most disgusting person he ever met. With no reservations, Atlas expressed his disdain for Adonis, stating:

Now Adrian Adonis was the most disgusting individual I ever met in my life. The most disrespectful, most disgusting human being I’ve ever met in my life was Adrian Adonis.

Atlas went on to describe Adonis’ shocking and vile behaviour, painting a vivid and disturbing picture of the wrestler’s disgusting antics:

He would blow snot everywhere; he would put faeces on the wall, he was just nasty. He would sit at a table and spit food across the table, he would bend over and spread the cheeks of his butt and stick a cucumber up his rear end. He would make you vomit.

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Tony Atlas posted a bizarre video on social media of himself being kicked and punched in the face, after being repeatedly punched and kicked Atlas addresses the camera and says “Happy New Year.” Atlas has previously posted odd things on social media which usually revolve around himself being stepped on or hit.

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