Toni Storm Wishes Wembley Was Anywhere But England

Toni Storm AEW

Toni Storm is not as excited as the fans for AEW All In.

Storm will hope to make history at the Wembley Stadium event as she hopes to become the first-ever 3-time AEW Women’s Champion. Storm will be competing in a 4-Way match against fellow Outcast member Saraya, champion Hikaru Shida and one more competitor to be determined.

With the former champion due to compete in the country where she has won titles previously, it would be assumed that Storm can’t wait to get to London. However, this is not the case.

Speaking with The Daily Star, the Outcast member revealed that she is ecstatic to wrestle in Wembley Stadium, but wished the iconic venue could relocate:

“I mean I’m very excited because it’s the biggest show that we’re about to do, the biggest show in AEW history. I’m just a little disappointed that it’s in England, I just wish Wembley Stadium could be in a different place because I lived in England for a very long time. It’s where I got established, it’s where I made a name for myself. I am British, I have a British family. I’m just really bummed I have to go back, I thought I left my life behind there. But it’s what a champion does, you know?”

Storm has spent multiple years wrestling in the United Kingdom, including championship wins in Progress and NXT UK. Dreading the thought of returning to her former homeland, the former Women’s Champion wants to use the opportunity to gloat in front of more than 80,000 people:

“The only reason I’d be excited to see those fans again, is that I get to rub it in how successful I am now. That’s gonna feel really good. That’s the only thing motivating me, just my excitement to show off how great I have become and officially denounce my British citizenship. Wembley Stadium, I can’t think of a better place.”

When Did Toni Storm Sign With AEW?

Storm would exit WWE in December 2021 after requesting her release from the company following a bad rivalry with Charlotte Flair and feeling underutilised on the main roster. The debut in All Elite Wrestling would come when Storm was revealed as a surprise entrant in the first-ever Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament.

Storm would previously reign as the Interim Women’s Champion, but was eventually recognised as the Lineal Champion.

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