Toni Storm Reminds One AEW Star Of Themselves…From A Long Time Ago

Toni Storm AEW

Toni Storm has become the talk of the wrestling world since becoming Timeless in AEW and it reminds one star in the company of a more bizarre time in their own career.

With the movie vignettes, the Hollywood lighting, the dramatic attitude, and now the butler, Toni Storm is reminding Dustin Rhodes to never forget the name of Goldust.

Rhodes burst into WWE in the mid-nineties as The Bizarre One accompanied by his “director” Marlena. Goldust upset opponents as much with his moves as with his pseudo-sexual antics but it translated to success as he shattered many dreams on his way to becoming WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Toni Storm Takes Dustin Rhodes Back To A Golden Age

Speaking on Sports Guys Talking Wrestling, Dustin Rhodes discussed Toni Storm’s new character and admits he sees a lot of Goldust in the Timeless star:

I told her last week, ‘You remind me so much of myself.’ Now they’ve put Luther with her, as her butler, it’s so cool. It’s like myself and Marlena, the director and the Goldust character.

She does it so well and I’m glad that lightning has struck and she’s riding it for all it’s worth. The more outlandish things she does on her entrance and things like that in the letterbox movie with the lighting and smoke. It’s so cool. It’s new, it’s not being done, it hasn’t been done for a while and she’s doing excellent with it.

Toni Storm has been heavily praised by one current WWE star for her recent performances. Storm will be ready for her close-up at Full Gear as she challenges Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women’s Championship. Toni Storm is the heavy favourite to leave AEW Full Gear with gold around her waist.

h/t Fightful