Toni Storm Opens Up On Pie Throwing Angle With Charlotte Flair

Toni Storm wearing a black leather jacket

Current AEW star Toni Storm has discussed how an original concept for her pie throwing angle with Charlotte Flair could have seen things develop very differently.

When Toni Storm started feuding with Charlotte Flair on Friday Night SmackDown in November 2021, many hoped that it would be an opportunity for Storm to showcase her technical prowess against a top-level opponent on the biggest stage. Instead, the rivalry mainly revolved around the pair trying to use cream pies on each other.

Flair originally got the upper hand by getting Storm in the face with the pie, only for the Aussie native to exact revenge a week later.

In December 2021 Toni Storm abruptly left WWE. Many speculated that doing a storyline which involved what could be seen as a demeaning element played a part in this, however it would seem now that wasn’t the case.

Speaking during an appearance on AEW Unrestricted, Toni Storm revealed that what transpired was far better than some of the original plans for the angle and that she’s not mad about how things played out.

I was actually quite happy with that segment that day. It was a lot better than the original idea. The original idea was like, I was called up and asked if I was comfortable having my shirt ripped off or something. They wanted to do this whole angle where they wanted to rip my shirt off to be embarrassed, in my underwear, I guess. When you’re asked if you’re comfortable to do that and literally, people are being fired every single week, it’s like, ‘Well, yeah, I guess I’m comfortable with that.’ [said with nervous sarcasm].

Then, a lot of people fought to not have that happen. That would have been a terrible idea. To be honest, the pie was actually quite a sweet treat in comparison to what it could have been. In hindsight, I don’t really mad. I’m not even mad. People think I’m mad, I think it’s hilarious, standing there covered in pie. I can demolish food, so if they’re throwing food at me, that was a good day. Not painful at all. That was a good one, to be honest. That was one of my better times.

Toni Storm defeated Jamie Hayter on the 11th May 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite to advance to the Owen Hart Memorial Tournament semi-finals where she will now face Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.