Timeline For CM Punk’s WWE Return From Injury

CM Punk

CM Punk is out of action and out of WrestleMania with a new report giving a timeline for his likely return to the WWE ring.

CM Punk tore his triceps in the men’s Royal Rumble but battled on to the bitter end only to be eliminated last by Cody Rhodes. CM Punk has confirmed WrestleMania is not on the cards for him now but it seems he’ll be out of action for a lot longer than that.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Punk had not re-injured the same arm that he tore his triceps on in 2022 and noted he’s likely to miss a similar amount of time from the ring meaning that not only WrestleMania is off the cards but SummerSlam might also be in doubt:

It’s not the arm he injured in the Jon Moxley match in September 2022.

The last time he was out for nine and a half months. He could have probably come back a month earlier but they held his return off for the debut of Collision. I would say September is a reasonable return.

CM Punk Attacked By Drew McIntyre

On Raw in Tampa, Punk was interrupted by Drew McIntyre who ended up attacking the injured star setting up a potential showdown between the two stars somewhere down the line but there could be an issue with that.

Meltzer noted his surprise at the angle being set up between Punk and Drew McIntyre considering McIntyre’s WWE contract ends months before Punk is expected back in the ring:

It’s really interesting because they set up the big angle with Drew McIntyre tonight to be his opponent when [Punk] returns but Drew McIntyre is not under contract past April. And that has not changed.

The situation surrounding Drew McIntyre’s contract could always change but as of now, he is expected to be done with WWE after WrestleMania 40.

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