CM Punk Suffers Injury During Royal Rumble Match: WrestleMania Bout In Jeopardy

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CM Punk suffered a potentially serious injury during the WWE Royal Rumble match.

In the Men’s Royal Rumble match at Tropicana Field, CM Punk finished as the runner-up to Cody Rhodes in the match. It was a match where may people picked CM Punk as the winner, but instead, he finished in second.

Right before the finish, CM Punk said he didn’t come back just to lose to Dusty’s kid and then moments later, that’s exactly what happened as Cody avoided the GTS and threw Punk over the top rope to win the Royal Rumble for the second year in a row.

Unfortunately for Punk, he suffered a potentially serious injury during the match.

Dave Meltzer has provided an update on Wrestling Observer noting that it appears to be a triceps injury.

“Within the WWE the speculation was a torn triceps but nobody close enough to the situation would confirm anything more than a significant injury to be addressed on the show.”

There was a spot in the Rumble where the referee checked on Punk and he told the ref “My triceps.”

Punk tore his triceps previously at All Out in Chicago in 2022 in the main event of the show against Jon Moxley, had immediate surgery and was out of action for more than nine months before returning for the debut of the Collision show. He was likely able to return a little before that but his return was held off to build the debut of Collision, which he was to be the star of.

When Punk told the referee about his triceps it was late in the match after taking a future shock DDT from Drew McIntyre.

Punk was scheduled to face Seth Rollins at WrestleMania this year. It will be clear tonight whether or not that will be possible.”

In the original report, Meltzer noted that it was a torn triceps injury for CM Punk.

The Royal Rumble match was CM Punk’s first televised match in WWE in ten years. He did beat Dominik Mysterio at two live events in late December.

UPDATE: PWInsider’s Mike Johnson has confirmed Punk suffered a torn triceps during the Men’s Royal Rumble match. Punk will have surgery soon and likely needs in the area of 4-6 months of recovery and physical therapy. It was noted by Johnson that Punk may have suffered the injury when taking a DDT from Drew McIntyre and Punk rolled out of the ring.

That means the planned Seth Rollins-CM Punk match that was going to take place at WrestleMania 40 is now off. It’s unknown what WWE will be doing instead.

CM Punk Expected To Address Health Status On WWE Raw

It was added by Meltzer and Johnson that CM Punk is expected to be on WWE Raw from Tampa tonight and give a health update.

We’ll have a full review of Raw on TJRWrestling later tonight and continued health updates on CM Punk as we get more news on how he is doing.