Tiffany Stratton Addresses Her Relationship With WWE Star Being Public

Tiffany Stratton NXT

The bigger star you become, the bigger spotlight is shone on both your personal and private life as NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton is finding out.

Stratton has been romantically linked with Imperium’s Ludwig Kaiser for some time now but as her own career progresses that relationship has become common knowledge among wrestling fans.

Speaking to TVInsider, Tiffany Stratton was asked about her relationship with Raw star Ludwig Kaiser becoming public knowledge, but the NXT star says she still tries to keep her private life just that:

“I still try to keep my private life private. But I’ve always behaved like a champion, even before I became a champion. I know how to act in public. It wasn’t like I had to change how I acted within the public eye. I was always very put together and never got drunk at a club and was acting crazy. So I’ve been able to avoid that.”

Tiffany Stratton has previously discussed how Ludwig Kaiser has helped her understand the wrestling business and even credits him for coming up with her familiar finishing move.

The NXT Women’s Champion will have her work cut out for her at The Great American Bash where she puts her title on the line against Chase U’s Thea Hail in a submission match.

Continuing her run at the top of the NXT Women’s Division, Stratton has recently caught the attention of Becky Lynch.