This Is The Most Dangerous Move In Wrestling Says AEW Star

Kenny Omega hits V-Trigger on Will Ospreay at Forbidden Door 2023

Will Ospreay has admitted he wouldn’t be surprised if a devastating move was banned by AEW.

At Revolution, Will Ospreay faced Konosuke Takeshita in an instant classic to mark his debut as a full-time AEW star. The two men worked at a frenetic pace and threw everything they had at each other.

In the end, Ospreay picked up the win when he dropped Takeshita with the Tiger Driver ’91. The same move caused controversy when Will Ospreay used it against Kenny Omega at the 2023 edition of Forbidden Door.

Many called for the move to be banned as it appeared the Best Bout Machine landed directly on his head. However, Kenny Omega has revealed that the Tiger Driver spot went exactly as planned as, while it looked reckless to some, he wouldn’t have taken the move if he wasn’t sure he would be safe.

Speaking on the post-Revolution media scrum, Ospreay praised his opponent as being every bit as good as him, noting that he had to pull out his most dangerous move to put him away.

“I mean I’ve got a lot to top now, haven’t I? Once again, I can’t do those type of matches without a great partner to do it with. Takeshita is every bit as good as Will Ospreay. Just on that night I was just better, pure and simple. But look at the move that I had to put him away with – the Tiger Driver.”

The Assassin went on to call the move the most dangerous in wrestling, adding that he wouldn’t be surprised if AEW told him to stop using it soon.

I keep saying this so much the Tiger Driver ’91 is the most dangerous move in wrestling. It was used back in the day by Mitsuharu Misawa. It is one of the most dangerous moves in wrestling. Some guys were able to kind of figure out a way of getting out of it but it’s complete pressure on your neck man. It’s a sheer drop. I won’t be surprised if in five months’ time people will be like ‘Hey you can’t do that move anymore'”

Will Ospreay: “I Am One Mean Motherf***er When I Want To Be”

Ospreay later explained that he’s usually “a lovely man,” but in the ring it’s a different story.

“But this is what I bring to the table man. I’m one of the most dangerous professional wrestlers in the world. I’m a lovely man. I’ll walk your mom across the street any day of the week. I will happily give you a cuddle if you are ever feeling sad. I’m always a good shoulder to cry on and I will look after you till the day I die but I am one mean motherf***er when I want to be.

“That’s all I care about man. This is the first PPV of AEW this year, 2024. Right so we got Dynasty, we’ve got Forbidden Door, Double or Nothing, All In, All Out, WrestleDream, Full Gear, and Worlds End. That’s the first one. Like I said, the most dangerous man in wrestling right now bruv.”

H/T to SEScoops for the above transcription.