Kenny Omega Reflects On Dangerous Forbidden Door Spot

Kenny Omega Will Ospreay

Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay stole the show at Forbidden Door as they did battle over the IWGP US Championship but one moment near the end of the bout had fans fearing the worst.

With both men bloodied and beaten after almost forty minutes of intense competition, Will Ospreay scooped Kenny Omega up for a Tiger Driver ’91 and dropped Omega directly on the top of his head. A Storm Breaker followed and Ospreay reclaimed the title that Omega had defeated him for back in January at Wrestle Kingdom.

The Tiger Driver ’91 spot got a lot of attention online with fans worried about Omega’s condition while some condemned the two stars for the risky move and landing that accompanied it.

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Speaking to Raj Prashad of Uproxx, Kenny Omega hit back at criticism of the spot and indicated that the move and landing went exactly as he planned:

Hopefully it leaves fans questioning is he okay? It’s all about the match. We’re battling in that ring and I want you to go along for the ride with us. If they thought everything else in that match was just the worst sh*t they’ve ever seen in their life, but that one moment, got them for a second, ‘He’s not going to kick out, he’s not going to get up, they better get the gurney, call in the f*cking airlift,’ that’s perfect.

“And if I had a whole match of those types of reactions, even better. It’s all part of my job, it’s all part of my profession. These are things that I take a lot of pride in and I think that’s why when I went into this match, there’s a lot of physical and mental preparation that goes into it because I was really preparing myself to wow the crowd to this kind of level.

“People that wanted to sh*t on something or people that want to frown upon something, or for people that want to say, ‘Well, if it were me, I wouldn’t have done that.’ I didn’t get to where I was by being able to do things that everyone else could do.

“I realized, and I recognized that I do have special talents that maybe not everyone else can do. Without revealing too much, I think a lot about my health. I think a lot about life after wrestling. I think a lot about my current life. I think about next week’s Dynamite and the week after that. I would never do something I didn’t trust myself in performing 100 percent.”

Fans are expecting a third match between the two stars with their 2023 series tied at one win apiece. That match could feasibly take place at Forbidden Door in Ospreay’s backyard but it remains to be seen if that’s in the works for Wembley Stadium.