The Young Bucks Should Bury The Hatchet With CM Punk Says Ex-WCW Star

CM Punk The Young Bucks AEW

One former WCW star and longtime wrestling veteran believes it’s time for The Young Bucks to reconcile their differences with CM Punk.

The bitter backstage rivalry between The Young Bucks and CM Punk is well-documented, with the feud escalating into a full-on brawl following Punk’s inflammatory comments after All Out.

Everyone in the brawl was suspended, and while The Elite returned to the company at Full Gear, it wasn’t until this past week until Punk found himself back on AEW television. On the show’s debut episode on June 17th, Punk took some jabs at his foes when he referenced a “couple of counterfeit Bucks” and spoke about winning matches being more important than putting on a good show.

According to reports, Punk has tried reaching out to The Elite and would be willing to work with them in the future, but The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega have been less keen to reconcile. Punk appeared on the June 21st episode of Dynamite, while The Elite did not make a live appearance in front of the Chicago crowd.

Speaking in a recent interview with Nick Hausman for Inside the Ropes, longtime wrestling veteran Konnan weighed in on the situation, noting that Chris Jericho successfully buried the hatchet with Punk after public heat between the two. Konnan believes it’s time for the Bucks to do the same.

“Well, you want to think that time heals all wounds, which it usually does, you know, it’s over if the guy has actually said, ‘Hey, I’m willing to talk with them, but they don’t want to talk with me.’ And so at the end of the day, he’s willing to talk obviously, from what I’ve read, and you probably know more than me, him and Chris Jericho — Jericho was burying him if you remember, they buried the hatchet and I think the Young Bucks should too.”

The former WCW star also believes that The Young Bucks addressing Punk directly would have more of an impact than Punk’s jabs at the Jackson brothers.

“If he would have come back and the Young Bucks would have done something with him everybody would be waiting to watch next week and that’s what you want.”

Konnan pointed to WWE as a model of success, saying the cliffhangers in place in the current Bloodline story hook viewers into watching the next episode. He believes AEW hasn’t been as successful in that regard.

“That’s what WWE has done so well. You know, especially with The Bloodline you want to see what’s going to happen next week. You know, they’re really good at doing cliff hangers, and they’ve done a great job of that, where AEW has struggled.”

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