The WWE Hall Of Famer Larry Zbyszko Says Was Too Over For A World Title

The WWE Hall Of Famer Larry Zbyszko Says Was Too Over For A World Title

The wrestling world fondly remembers the late Scott Hall for his indelible mark on one of the most iconic eras in the sport’s history. While Hall may not have clinched a world title during his illustrious career, his legacy remains untarnished, as articulated by fellow WWE Hall of Famer Larry Zbyszko.

Larry Zbyszko, who shared the ring with Hall during the 1990s in WCW and engaged in a memorable feud, emphasised that Hall’s impact extended far beyond championship accolades in an episode of The Snake Pit.

If you’re over like Scott was, it doesn’t matter if you’re the world champion or not, in terms of drawing money and being of value,

Having witnessed firsthand the magnetic presence of Hall, Zbyszko reflected on their time in the ring, expressing deep admiration for Hall’s talent despite acknowledging the personal struggles he faced. The wrestling community mourned Hall’s passing on March 14th, 2022, at the age of 63, following a prolonged battle with health issues exacerbated by substance abuse.

Which Famous Wrestling Angle Did Larry Zbyszko Claim To Have Pitched?

Larry Zbyszko claimed to have pitched the nWo angle in WCW. Zbyszko claimed to have programmed the entire angle and said that when Eric Bischoff asked everyone in the room for ideas on what to do he raised his hand and laid out the whole idea of how the nWo came together. Zbyszko even said that he was the one to come up with the “New World Order” name for the group.

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