The Wrestling Legend Hulk Hogan Said Got Him “Hooked On Wrestling”

The Wrestling Legend Hulk Hogan Said Got Him

Hulk Hogan paid a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Dusty Rhodes, shedding light on the profound impact Rhodes had on his early wrestling journey.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Hulk Hogan openly expressed his deep admiration for Rhodes, recognising the pivotal role the legendary figure played in shaping his passion for the sport. Hogan attributed his initial fascination with wrestling to Dusty Rhodes, highlighting the significant influence Rhodes had on his formative years as a wrestling enthusiast. Recollecting those early days, Hogan reminisced about eagerly anticipating Rhodes’ appearances on television, underlining the immense appeal of Rhodes’ matches and, in particular, praising the captivating nature of his interviews.

It was Dusty Rhodes who was the one who got me hooked on wrestling. If Dusty Rhodes was not on TV on Saturday or Sunday morning here in Tampa, we were pi**ed off. We lived for Dusty Rhodes. I loved the matches, but the interviews alone, man–those were incredible.

Shared Hogan, emphasising the enduring impact Rhodes had on his wrestling fandom. The WWE Hall of Famer further underscored the fundamental role Dusty Rhodes played in both his personal and professional development. Hogan went on to express that without Rhodes, his iconic wrestling career may not have materialised.

If it wasn’t for Dusty, none of this happens, he was the main reason I got focused on pro wrestling.

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