Hulk Hogan Rushes To Woman’s Aid After Car Wreck

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan dived into action to help a stricken member of the public.

As reported by TMZ, Hulk Hogan and a friend came to the rescue of a woman who had become trapped in her car following a serious accident. According to a source, the WWE Hall of Famer was traveling on the highway in Clearwater, Florida with his wife and a friend on the evening of January 14th when they witnessed a crash up ahead.

It’s believed that a car swerved across multiple lanes in order to make an exit the driver was about to miss, before clipping another car and flipping over in the process.

Hogan’s vehicle was the first on the scene and pulled over immediately to try and assist. The WWE veteran and his friend Jake rushed to get the female driver out of the car, with Jake bursting her airbag before the pair removed her seatbelt and got her clear of the accident.

The unnamed woman was said to be “rattled” in the immediate aftermath of the incident, but “appeared to be okay” after being checked out by paramedics.

WWE Making Plans To Honour Hulk Hogan

The news shortly after it was reported that WWE is planning to salute Hulk Hogan in the early part of 2024. It’s believed that the company has drawn up plans to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hulkamania with new merchandise and other collectibles on the way, although he isn’t currently planned to appear on television.

The start of Hulkamania is recognised as January 23rd, 1984 when Hogan defeated The Iron Sheik to become WWE Champion for the first time.