The Usos Status For Smackdown And Elimination Chamber In Montreal

The Usos

The WWE Tag Team Champions, The Usos, may not appear on Smackdown and Elimination Chamber although that could just be part of a storyline.

At the conclusion of last week’s February 10th edition of WWE Smackdown, Paul Heyman was in a room with Raw & Smackdown Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso. Heyman informed Jimmy that The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, wanted The Usos to stay home to get a “television perspective” of the show.

While Heyman didn’t specifically say Smackdown or Elimination Chamber, the WWE tweet that posted the video made it clear that Reigns/Heyman didn’t want The Usos to appear at Elimination Chamber.

That led to speculation that it could have been a way to write out Jimmy & Jey Uso from appearing at tonight’s Smackdown and tomorrow’s Elimination Chamber, which are both taking place at the Bell Centre in Montreal. The reason that became a question is that Jimmy Uso in particular has had multiple DUI’s and that can make it difficult to get into Canada. Jey Uso also has DUI history, but he was at a Smackdown show in Winnipeg last fall.

On Wrestling Observer Radio last week, Dave Meltzer noted that it is believed that The Usos should be able to legally appear at the shows if WWE wants them to.

This week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter by Meltzer commented that it could be an angle in some form where Reigns/Heyman tells them not to appear and perhaps they do appear with Jey potentially causing drama since he walked away from Roman at the Royal Rumble three weeks ago.

“On Smackdown, Paul Heyman told Jimmy Uso that Reigns wants both Usos to stay home. This is an angle in some form. Both Usos can legally go to Canada so that’s not a cover story to explain them not being there, but a storyline playing off the idea some people expect the story is a cover to explain them not being there. This isn’t saying they will be there, but it is to put the idea in your head that they won’t be.”

As covered elsewhere, WWE planned to do Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens vs. The Usos at WrestleMania 39 with Jey potentially screwing Zayn out of his title match with Reigns at Elimination Chamber, but that plan could change.