The Undertaker’s Savage Advice To Ex-WWE Star Revealed

The Undertaker

The Undertaker held WWE fans in the palm of his hand for thirty years at the top of the card in the company but he did not foresee the same success for one former star.

The Undertaker was held in high esteem by the entirety of the WWE locker room, commanding respect for his own exploits and success in the ring.

With that regard, The Deadman would often be sought out for advice from younger stars and current AEW star Paul Wight was no different. Wight joined WWE from WCW in 1999 and became known as The Big Show in the company, winning both the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. But The Undertaker might not have seen that success in Wight’s future.

Speaking on the Generation Iron Fitness Network, Paul Wight revealed that he once went to The Undertaker for advice, and got more than he probably bargained for:

“I went to him one time in ’99 and I did the same thing that every young guy does, ‘Did you see anything maybe I can change or work on? Is there anything I can improve on?’ I just wanted him to pat me on the back and say, ‘No, kid, you’re doing great,’ because that’s what your mentality is. ‘Taker looked at me, he goes, ‘Yeah, I got some advice. I think you should take two weeks off and quit the business,’ and he walked off.

“It clicked in my mind: stop seeking approval. Stop asking. Work hard, put your time in. Pay attention to guys or gals that you like and that you respect. If something feels disconnected, don’t force it because sometimes on TV we’re under time constraints.”

The Undertaker recently discussed having to deal with the “horrible transition” of retirement after bringing the curtain down on his unique wrestling career.

h/t Sportskeeda