The Undertaker Names Attitude Era Star Who Should Be In WWE Hall Of Fame

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The Undertaker thinks one of his former rivals from the Attitude Era should be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

During the 1990s, The Undertaker was positioned as one of the biggest babyfaces in WWE that feuded with all types of unique wrestlers. One man that he faced several times in the mid-1990s was Goldust, who was portrayed by Dustin Rhodes.

Many fans credit Goldust for being one of the most unique characters in WWE history, just like The Undertaker was. Goldust was different and edgy to the point that some people might say that he was an Attitude Era guy before that era officially started in 1997 and over the next five years that followed.

While The Undertaker retired from WWE as an active superstar in 2020, Dustin Rhodes is an active wrestler for All Elite Wrestling at 54 years old. Dustin has wrestled ten matches for AEW in 2023 and has talked about retirement, but nothing official has been announced.

On his Six Feet Under podcast, The Undertaker was asked if he thought Dustin Rhodes as Goldust was a WWE Hall of Famer.

“Absolutely. 100%. This is a semantics thing at this point. I would imagine at some point, down the road. I think his resume is Hall of Fame worthy. Obviously, we know the one stickler right now and I think at some point that goes away. Then I couldn’t see too much time probably going by that he wouldn’t be induced.”

The “stickler” that The Undertaker was referring to was the fact that Dustin works for AEW and it’s not like WWE is going to induct somebody that’s under contract to AEW.

Goldust Embraced That Character, Says The Undertaker

As Goldust, Dustin Rhodes portrayed a character that was a lot different than being a traditional pro wrestler like his father Dusty Rhodes. Instead, Goldust had one of the most unique looks in the business and won many championships in WWE although he was never the WWE World Champion. The Undertaker went on to praise Dustin for pulling off that Goldust character.

“He embraced that character. He made it his own. A lot of people talk about me and my character and making it my own but he did that with Goldust.”

“Dustin comes from that traditional wrestling style too with his dad Dusty. But to go so far in another direction than Dusty or what Dustin had done up to that point. That’s a big roll of the dice.”

Most wrestling fans and people in the business would likely agree with The Undertaker’s assessment about Goldust being in the WWE Hall of Fame. It’s a question of when more than if at this point.

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