The Undertaker Gives Blunt Opinion On WWE Survivor Series Retirement Ceremony

the undertaker arms out

The Undertaker has given his honest assessment of his 2020 retirement ceremony – “yuck.”

After years of trying to find the perfect ending, The Undertaker wrestled his last match at WrestleMania 36, defeating AJ Styles in a Boneyard Match. With the match done and dusted, Styles and the Good Brothers dead (kind of) and buried, ‘Taker rode off into the night on his signature motorbike.

While this seemed like goodbye, the legend would return at Survivor Series to give a final farewell. The Deadman famously made his WWE debut at the event back in 1990, but his retirement ceremony received a mixed reaction from fans.

Due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there wasn’t a crowd in attendance, giving the moment a strange feel. With the ring surrounded by legends, Vince McMahon introduced ‘Taker one last time, and the Hall of Famer said it was time to “rest in peace” before saluting a hologram of legendary manager Paul Bearer.

Speaking on his Six Feet Under podcast, Undertaker said he wasn’t really happy with how it played out, revealing that McMahon wouldn’t allow him to reference “retirement.”

“In November, that was one of those times where Vince and I butted heads. My retirement. He wouldn’t let me say retirement. ‘It’s time for the Undertaker to rest in peace.’ In full character. I have these guys, all in the ring, but I’m going to be in my full character. It was like, yuck.’ It was a way, it was still during COVID, it was not good. I honestly don’t think he was completely convinced at that point that I was done. I don’t think anybody was, really. There are still people out there that think I have one more,”

The Undertaker Makes Rare WWE Appearance

The Undertaker recently made a surprise return to WWE television, appearing at the end of the October 10th episode of NXT. On the show, the WWE Hall of Famer closed the show by delivering a Chokeslam to Bron Breakker before saluting the crowd with Carmelo Hayes.

The appearance came after he featured on the 30th anniversary special episode of WWE Raw in January, ‘passing the torch’ to the late, great Bray Wyatt.

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