The Undertaker Reveals Which WWE Hall Of Famer Was Scared Of His Punches

The Undertaker Reveals Which WWE Hall Of Famer Was Scared Of His Punches

The Undertaker took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about his notable opponents and sharing a humorous anecdote involving his encounters with Kurt Angle.

Reflecting on their memorable matches and the camaraderie between them during an appearance on WWE After The Bell, The Undertaker illuminated the dynamics of their in-ring rivalry. While expressing admiration for Angle’s formidable skills, Undertaker couldn’t resist recounting a comical incident that unfolded between them. Describing the lighthearted moment, Undertaker vividly recalled preparing to deliver his signature overhand right to Angle, only to be met with unexpected hesitation from the Olympic gold medallist. Angle’s initial apprehension about Undertaker’s powerful punch led to a playful exchange between the two wrestling icons, highlighting the lighter side of their professional relationship.

I had some classic matches with Kurt that didn’t get enough attention, he was one of my favourites, once he got over the fear of my punch. Kurt, bless his heart, he was amazing in the ring, but I’ll never forget, it’s in an early episode (of The Last Ride), the first time I drawback to throw the big right hand at him, his face was like I was going to take his head off, right? It stopped me. I’m about to hit him after he’s already waffled me three or four times in the ear, and he’s got this look on his face like I’m about to cave his head in and I just stop. ‘Really, what are you doing?’ ‘IT’S GONNA HURT!’ ‘YOU’RE AN OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST. SHUT UP!’

Which WWE Superstar Does The Undertaker Respect After Their Chat Show Outburst?

The Undertaker stated that he respects Grayson Waller after his chat show outburst. Waller stated that he felt insulted by being asked to deliver a fake punch to the host on an Australian chat show and said he would punch the host for real, after that, according to Waller, Undertaker approached him at the Royal Rumble and shook his hand for defending the business.

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