The Undertaker Respects WWE Star After Bizarre Chat Show Outburst

The Undertaker WWE Hall of Fame

The Undertaker appreciated one WWE star after they threatened violence during a recent talk show appearance.

Grayson Waller threatened to hit a crew member when Waller and LA Knight were on the Australian news show Sunrise to promote Elimination Chamber, which will take place in Perth, Australia, on February 24th. Towards the end of the interview, one of the hosts, Matt Shirvington, asked if the duo could show one of their signature moves and volunteered one of the crew to take the hit.

In a scene seen by wrestling fans many times, the host seemed to make fun of wrestling while Waller wasn’t having any of it and threatened that he’d legitimately punch the crew member in the jaw and there would be nothing fake about it.

The Undertaker A Fan Of Grayson Waller’s Approach

Speaking to Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes, Grayson Waller gave his thoughts on the awkward exchange, saying he felt very disrespected but one person who did show him respect due to his actions was The Undertaker:

Yeah, it’s strange for me to get any type of positive feedback online. So that was very confusing, I don’t know how I felt about it. But, you know, it’s a situation where they don’t know any better. We walked into that show, we had just been on 24 hours of travel basically, to get to Australia, and you get put on this show. They’re doing four hours a day, they’re just asking questions off the screen. They don’t know, it’s not their fault. But, I was kind of chillin’.

So you get this guy standing in front of me shimmying his shoulders, he’s telling me I’ll take a fake punch. I see that as complete disrespect to what I do, how hard we work, and everything we do. So I just needed to show him and show the show this isn’t what you think it is. This isn’t what it was in the 90s, we’re for real. I have no problem standing up for the business every time I have the opportunity.

I had a few DMs from certain wrestlers. I got to see The Undertaker backstage at the Royal Rumble. He shook my hand and showed respect. If The Undertaker was happy with something I did then I’m okay with it.

The Undertaker was famously an eye-witness to a similar scene on a show in Kuwait back in 1997. The Phenom was appearing with Vader and while The Undertaker seemed relaxed when asked by the host if wrestling was fake, Vader was anything but as he grabbed the host around the neck. As a result, Vader was detained by authorities and ended up receiving a fine.