The Undertaker Reveals Bizarre Reaction To Wrestling Controversial Star

The Undertaker WWE

The Undertaker has given an insight in to what could have been embarrassing moment when facing one of the more colorful characters in the world of wrestling.

When you reach the levels in your career of someone like The Undertaker, you know you’re going to have faced a vast array of opponents. Especially during the Attitude Era, you know that could mean you’re coming up against one of the more extravagant foes which helped define that period of time.

This was certainly the case at In Your House: Beware Of Dog, where ‘The Dead Man’ went up against Goldust for what would turn out to be the illusive Intercontinental Championship for the WWE Hall Of Famer.

“I Was Hoping I Didn’t Get Erect” – The Undertaker

However, it was seemingly during an attack backstage before the match which could have caused the most problems, as Mankind and Goldust put the boots to The Undertaker before the latter rubbed himself up against him and even grabbed his crotch.

In a discussion on his Six Feet Under podcast, the multi-time World Champion admitted there was only one concern on his mind.

Alright, you asked the question. I mean, I was just hoping I didn’t become erect. He does have soft hands for a big man… That would have destroyed me. I would have been done. I didn’t like it.

The Undertaker also recently recalled an unforgettable practical joke played by Vince McMahon.

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