The Undertaker Lifts The Curtain On Vince McMahon’s Unforgettable Practical Joke

The Undertaker Lifts The Curtain On Vince McMahon's Unforgettable Practical Joke

The Undertaker shared a hilarious anecdote involving WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and the unsuspecting victim, The Big Show Paul Wight.

The Undertaker revealed on an episode of Six Feet Under with Mark Calaway that the incident occurred during a trip to Iraq for a Tribute to the Troops show, turning a routine journey into an unforgettable moment for everyone on board.

The tale unfolded on a private jet, with Undertaker, Big Show, McMahon, and several other WWE Superstars en route to the overseas event. Big Show, anticipating some much-needed rest, had brought along an air mattress, unaware that McMahon was plotting a mischievous scheme.

As Big Show peacefully dozed off, McMahon, renowned for his playful antics, seized the opportunity to orchestrate an epic prank. Channelling his inner commando, McMahon stealthily manoeuvred across the plane floor, undetected by the slumbering giant. With precision, he punctured tiny holes in Big Show’s air mattress, initiating a slow but sure deflation.

Meanwhile, The Undertaker, in a semi-drowsy state while enjoying a drink, was astonished as he observed the billionaire WWE chairman executing the prank with unmatched stealth. The moment of truth arrived when Big Show awoke to discover his air mattress flat, abruptly interrupting his peaceful slumber.

So Big Show blows up this big air mattress and I’m drinking and I’m kind of starting to doze off a little bit and all of a sudden, army crawling on the floor of the plane is Vince [McMahon]. It’s just funny, this is a billionaire who is belly crawling up this aeroplane and Show is sound asleep and Vince proceeds to put tiny little holes in his mattress.

Initially clueless about the perpetrator, a furious Big Show berated everyone on the plane for their perceived insensitivity. The situation escalated when John Bradshaw Layfield suggested convening a wrestler’s court to identify the culprit responsible for the deflated mattress, adding an unexpected twist to the airborne escapade.

And then you just hear this ‘God dammit, everybody thinks they’re effing funny!’ Oh, Show blew his stack man, ‘That’s real f***ing funny, real funny!’ And Vince he’s like ‘What happened? What’s going on?’ I’m pretty sure Bradshaw was on that flight and he’s like ‘Who would do such a thing? We need to have wrestler’s court when we get there and find out who did this to your mattress.’

Why Did Vince McMahon Make The Undertaker Drop The WWE Title?

The Undertaker revealed that Vince McMahon made him drop the WWE title in 1999 because he was underperforming. Undertaker said that Vince pulled him, Steve Austin, Triple H, and Kane into a room and said that something wasn’t working and that they were going to give the title back to Austin that night.

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