The Undertaker Recalls A Botch That Was “So Much Fun”

The Undertaker Recalls A Botch That Was

The Undertaker took a trip down memory lane, reflecting on a unique and amusing incident that has become a cherished tale from his tag team partnership with kayfabe brother, Kane.

The anecdote centres around an unexpected botch during a planned powerbomb sequence, turning an ordinary match into a comical and memorable chapter in their shared history. The Undertaker shared the humorous mishap in an interview with Inside The Ropes, detailing a match where a scripted powerbomb sequence took an unexpected turn.

Following The Deadman’s execution of The Last Ride, it was Kane’s turn to attempt the move. However, due to his lack of prior experience with The Last Ride, Kane unintentionally tossed their opponent over his head, deviating from the planned script.

Rather than viewing the incident as a flaw, The Undertaker found amusement in the situation, highlighting the strong brotherly dynamic between himself and Kane. The wrestling icon expanded on the mishap, underlining the entertaining role reversal of the elder sibling guiding the younger one. Despite the unexpected turn of events, The Undertaker shared a laugh about the situation, emphasizing the fun they had during that particular match.

One of my favourites is a match that we did, where I did the powerbomb and then Kane was going to do the powerbomb, and he threw this guy over his head, like, he’d never done [The Last Ride]. It was just completely a botch, right? But it was so funny because it was the big brother telling the little brother [how to do it]. It was so bad because these guys had to take two or three powerbombs while I showed Kane how to do ‘The Last Ride.’ It was so much fun.

Did The Undertaker Prefer Working Buried Alive Or Casket Matches?

The Undertaker stated that he preferred casket matches over buried alive matches due to it being much scarier being buried alive rather than being stuffed into a casket. He went on to state that he would take naps in the casket backstage during the day.

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