The Undertaker Recalls Unique Experiences In Buried Alive & Casket Matches

the undertaker buried alive wwe

The Undertaker has explained why he didn’t mind Casket Matches in comparison to Buried Alive Matches during his WWE career.

Due to the unique nature of The Undertaker character, he had to perform in many gimmick matches during his career. Two of the gimmick matches were the Casket Match and the Buried Alive Match.

In a Casket Match, the only way to win is to put your opponent in a casket that was usually around ringside and close the lid. In a Buried Alive match, the winner was the first man to bury their opponent in a pile of dirt, which was usually set up by the entrance area in an arena.

During his WWE career, The Undertaker faced multiple Hall of Famers in Casket Matches such as Shawn Michaels, Yokozuna, Kane, Mark Henry and more. The same goes for Buried Alive matches where he met the likes of Mankind, Steve Austin and Kane once again.

While speaking on a recent Q&A session of his Six Feet Under podcast on Patreon, The Undertaker revealed that being buried during a Buried Alive match was more difficult than being in a casket.

“Being buried alive is far scarier than being stuffed in a casket.”

The Undertaker Says He Took Naps In Caskets At WWE Shows

As he continued, The Undertaker also revealed that there were also times when he would take naps in caskets that were backstage at WWE shows just because he would be out late after WWE shows and would need a nap sometimes. Many people might not feel comfortable laying in a casket, but The Undertaker apparently had no problem with it.

“Back in the early days, I was burning the midnight oil, too. I’d crawl in a casket and take a nap for an hour or two during the day. Most people are kind of creeped out by them, so no one would ever mess with them. So I just crawl in there and they’d be cool.”

“Yeah, backstage. One of the caskets backstage, I would just crawl in there, take a little nap, get my mind right, and I’d be ready to go.”

“Yeah, but buried alive, there’s a lot going on there.”

While talking about the two gimmick matches, The Undertaker chose not to reveal how the Buried Alive Matches were put together and any secrets related to that kind of match.

H/t Fightful