The Undertaker Appears On Raw To Help Bray Wyatt, Comments On “Special Moment”

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The Undertaker made an appearance on the 30th Anniversary of Raw episode to assist an old WrestleMania rival, Bray Wyatt.

On the January 23rd episode of WWE’s Monday Night Raw celebrating 30 years of the company’s flagship show, a man that headlined that first episode of Raw made an appearance: The Undertaker.

Going into Raw, The Undertaker was advertised for the show, but the graphic used showed him in street attire rather than his traditional black hat and black jacket look that he wore for most of his career. There was also a report before Raw that WWE had Undertaker’s traditional gear ready. However, that’s not what he wore when he appeared.

There was a segment involving LA Knight cutting a promo in the ring. Knight was his usual cocky self as he trashed his Royal Rumble opponent Bray Wyatt. Knight also dared any legend to come down there so he can preview what he will do to Wyatt at the Royal Rumble.

That’s when the familiar gong music hit. It sounded as if the traditional version of The Undertaker would appear, but then the classic “American Badass” song from Kid Rock played. It was a song that The Undertaker used during the period from 2000 to 2003 when he was known as the American Badass character.

The Undertaker made his entrance on a motorcycle. Knight wanted no part of The Undertaker, so he kept on talking and nearly went backstage when the lights went out leading to Bray Wyatt’s entrance with a lantern in hand.

Knight decided to run away from Wyatt by going back into the ring. Big mistake. The Undertaker really didn’t like what Knight was saying, so he choked him with his right hand and it looked like a Chokeslam was coming. Instead, Wyatt was in the ring with Undertaker, who passed Knight over to Wyatt. That led to Wyatt hitting Knight with the Sister Abigail neckbreaker.

After Wyatt dropped Knight, The Undertaker walked towards Wyatt and whispered something into Wyatt’s ear. We never got to hear what Undertaker said, but it sure did lead to a lot of speculation about what he said. Perhaps Wyatt will reveal it some day or we may never know what it was.

There is a long history between The Undertaker and Wyatt going back to their WrestleMania 31 match in 2015 that was won by The Undertaker. They are also characters that display supernatural powers at times with The Undertaker doing it a lot over the last 30 years and Wyatt doing it in present-day WWE.

The Undertaker reacted to the segment on Twitter by calling it a special moment.

“Moments define this industry. This one was special!”

Bray Wyatt will face LA Knight in a Mountain Dew Pitch Black Mach this Saturday, January 28th at the Royal Rumble.