The Undertaker Makes Bold Prediction About Cody Rhodes’ WWE Future

The Undertaker Cody Rhodes WWE Champion

Cody Rhodes is thriving as the popular Undisputed WWE Champion, but The Undertaker sees the “American Nightmare” in a different position in the future.

In the main event of WrestleMania 40 Sunday, the matchup between former Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes was a “Bloodline Rules Match” meaning anything goes.

It was a match full of interference as Jimmy Uso tried to help Roman, but Jey Uso took care of his twin brother. When Solo Sikoa attacked Cody, it was WWE legend John Cena there to put Solo through a table. After The Rock took out his former rival Cena, the lights went out and The Undertaker showed up. While Cody was down in the ring, The Undertaker gave Rock a huge Chokeslam and the fans popped huge for it.

An injured Seth “Freakin” Rollins was also out there and Reigns took out his frustrations on his former Shield brother with a chair to the back. All of this allowed Cody to recover, hit the Cross Rhodes three times in a row on Reigns and Cody covered the Tribal Chief to become the new Undisputed WWE Champion.

After the match, Cody celebrated with other members of the WWE roster along with his family. The Undertaker was long gone by that point, but it’s fair to say Cody wouldn’t have won without Taker’s assist.

The Undertaker Believes Cody Rhodes Will Have A Bigger Run In WWE As A Heel

As the WWE Champion, Cody Rhodes is receiving the loudest ovations in the company while also being a top merchandise seller who is doing better than when John Cena was at the top of the company.

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet on Insight, WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker said that while Cody is a popular WWE Champion, he thinks that Cody could have a lot of success as a heel main eventer.

“I think he’s doing a phenomenal job. And again, I think he’s gonna have a tremendous run as a babyface, but I think his bigger run will be as a heel. I think there’s just something about Cody that I envision as a heel.”

“It’s down the road. Because right now I think he’s killing it as the babyface and his promos are on point. He’s fighting all the people, he’s almost the anti-Roman for the most part. So things are gonna be really interesting when Roman comes back too.”

Most WWE fans will remember that Cody Rhodes spent a lot of years as a heel in his first ten years in the company while The Undertaker was also on the roster.

It was also interesting that Taker mentioned Roman Reigns, who spent many years as a babyface that wasn’t beloved and then he had an incredible four-year run as a “Tribal Chief” heel that dominated the company.