The Undertaker Reveals The One Battle He Won With Vince McMahon

The Undertaker Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon was no stranger to getting his way as he led WWE for over forty years but now The Undertaker has revealed the unusual battle where he was able to outwit the long-time Chairman.

The Undertaker was notorious for keeping his character intact throughout his WWE career as The Deadman. Rarely seen outside of the confines of WWE television, the WWE Hall of Famer worked hard to keep up his mystique but not everyone in the company was always supportive of this – including the boss.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, The Undertaker looked back on one night in 2002 when several members of the WWE roster and Vince McMahon himself tried to goad the star into performing Booker T’s signature Spinaroonie:

“There was such a time period there where I think that the company’s goal was to see who could get me to break. I mean, it was nonstop. We spent an hour and a half one night after a TV event in Seattle trying to get me to the Spinaroonie. Booker T swerved me, we’ve been doing this same match after TV tapings that was our advertised dark match. We’ve been doing it for weeks, and, you know every night I’d get on there and say let’s have Booker do a Spinaroonie, everybody goes crazy.

“Well, Booker gets the microphone one night and completely swerved me, which was all set up. Vince was in on it, everybody was in on it. You know? He tells his sold out crowd and Seattle that he wants to see a Takeroonie, and I was like you son of a bitch, I was p*ssed. And here they come, one after another, just I mean everybody on the roster, everybody, Rock comes down, Triple H comes down, Big Show’s down, everybody’s down and doing these absolutely awful Spinaroonies.”

With the ring filling up, The Undertaker found his spot to turn tail and leave but McMahon sent The Big Show after him leading to ‘Taker giving the giant star a stern warning:

“And I remember, I remember seeing my spot to leave because the ring is full of people now, right? And the crowd is going nuts trying to get me, everybody’s chanting Takeroonie and all this. And I finally saw my spot and I jumped out of the ring and I headed back to the back. And I looked over my shoulder and here comes Big Show, Vince had sent Big Show to come get me right and he came through that curtain.

“I said, I said you may kill me and eat me, but I’m gonna punch you in the face if you touch me. Vince, never forgive me. Because I always told him, I don’t care who you are, what you do, you’ll never get me to do that. And you don’t tell Vince that you can’t or won’t do something, because it becomes his passion in life. But I can honestly say he never got me to do a Takeroonie. So, I won. That’s the one battle I won with Vince.”

The Undertaker also discussed how he did think about a move to WCW in the nineties as a result of the whacky characters that were in WWE at the time.

h/t Inside The Ropes