Vince McMahon Wanted To Split Up The New Day

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Vice McMahon tried to split up the New Day more than once, but the trio refused to go along with it.

The New Day Trio – Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E – have remained together for eight years. Even without Big E present as he recovers from a serious neck injury, there is rarely, if ever, any serious talk about splitting up the group.

This is by design as all three members have been adamant that they are to never betray one another. But what’s perhaps more impressive is that these three men managed to take a stand and hold that position against Vince McMahon, who tried to split them up in the past.

According to a report by Fightful Select, multiple within WWE have confirmed that Vince came up with different angles and storyline ideas over the years that would see The New Day split up, only for the trio to make it crystal clear that they wouldn’t allow any on-screen fracture.

At a potential point of compromise between The New Day on one side and Vince on the other, it was proposed that the duo of Woods and Kingston not be referred to as/call themselves The New Day without Big E present. But that decision only lasted a few weeks before being scrapped.

Vince McMahon’s most recent attempt at splitting up The New Day was in 2021 when Xavier Woods won the King of the Ring tournament that year.

According to those who spoke to Fightful, Vince insisted that Woods betray the other two because, in Vince’s view, “that’s what a king would do.” However, Woods fought this decision until Vince McMahon relented and abandoned the idea.