The Undertaker On Which Wrestler Is “Otherworldly”

The Undertaker On Which Wrestler Is

The Undertaker delved into his illustrious wrestling career and shared his perspective on the strongest and most gifted athletes in the wrestling world.

In a revealing interview on Out of Character with Ed Young, The Undertaker acknowledged the strength of remarkable wrestlers, namely Kane and Mark Henry. Describing Kane as incredibly strong, Taker emphasised that Mark Henry operates on a whole different level of strength.

To illustrate Henry’s unparalleled power, Taker recounted an awe-inspiring incident involving him lifting a car out of the path of a WWE tour bus. Taker explained that during their overseas travels, they would commute via buses.

So when we travel overseas, once we get to where we’re going, we travel around on buses. You had good guys on one bus and bad guys on the other. Anyway, we were checking out of a hotel one morning. We had a four-hour drive to the next city, and in front of the first bus was a car and the driver didn’t have enough room to pull out. And we’re sitting there. No one could find who owned this car. Everybody’s looking at their watch like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ Everybody’s worried about, ‘Oh, I’ve got to go to the gym,’ ‘I’ve got to eat,’ and all this other [stuff]. Mark gets wind of it and he goes, ‘I’ll handle it.’

Mark gets up, gets off the bus, grabs a towel, goes to the backend of this car, puts the towel under the fender well, reaches under it, picks it up, takes a couple of steps, and he puts it down. He looked at his hands, refixed the towel, put it under there again, picked it up, and walked it a couple more steps until we had enough of an angle for the bus to pull out.

Which Wrestler Did The Undertaker Call A “Freakish Athlete?”

The Undertaker didn’t hesitate to shower praise on Brock Lesnar, labelling him a “freakish athlete” and commending his extraordinary physical abilities. Taker reminisced about Lesnar’s early years in WWE, highlighting his NCAA national heavyweight championship win and how he defied expectations with his exceptional athleticism.

According to The Undertaker, Lesnar’s prowess was evident from the start, defying what one’s mind would typically expect from an athlete of his calibre.

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