The Undertaker Discusses His Friendship With Brock Lesnar

the undertaker brock lesnar summerslam

The Undertaker has opened up about his friendship with Brock Lesnar while noting that they have always been close.

When Brock Lesnar first won the WWE Title in 2002 as a 25-year-old coming off a big win over The Rock at SummerSlam, the first title feud he had was with The Undertaker. It was a big test for Lesnar, who would go on to win the rivalry with Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell Match at No Mercy 2002.

While The Undertaker and Lesnar wrestled many times, their most famous match was at Wrestlemania 30 in 2014 because of who won. That was the night when Lesnar became “the one in 21-1” (a phrase uttered many times by Paul Heyman) by beating The Undertaker clean with the F5. The Undertaker has since said the finish was changed on the day of the show and he didn’t think Lesnar needed that win.

They also had more matches in 2015 including at SummerSlam 2015 when The Undertaker actually cheated to win. They also had a Hell in a Cell match that was won by Lesnar.

During a recent interview with Alex McCarty for our good friends at Inside The Ropes, The Undertaker revealed that he is good friends with Lesnar while referencing 2004 when Lesnar left WWE due to being tired of the schedule and lifestyle.

“Brock and I have always been close. When he came up the first time, I can tell you numerous occasions where we sat down and we talked about things. He ran by me earlier on when he was thinking about leaving. When he wanted to go play football or he wanted to do something else, I gave him my perspective on it.”

“And where everyone else was telling him you’re making a mistake or you shouldn’t do this, I told him the opposite, like ‘dude if you don’t do it now, you’re gonna look back one day and you’re gonna have that regret.”

As he continued, The Undertaker referred to his buddy Lesnar as a special talent.

“Brock’s a special talent, everybody knows the talent that Brock has. WWE was always going to be there for him… And then when he came back, his career picked up right where he left off. But I think the world of Brock, and I don’t think he gets enough credit for his business acumen and his knowledge of the business.”

The Undertaker was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2022 and there is no doubt that the 10-time former WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar will join him there in the future.

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