The Undertaker Names His Best Match Ever

The Undertaker WWE

The Undertaker has 30 years worth of top tier matches in WWE and now the Hall of Famer has picked the one that stands out above all others – and it won’t come as a huge surprise.

Speaking on his Six Feet Under podcast, The Undertaker revealed what match of his he ranks as his favourite and in a crowded field, it was his WrestleMania 25 classic with Shawn Michaels that stood above all the others:

It has to be WrestleMania 25. For me it’s the best match that I think that I ever had.

There was just so many special factors, starting with Shawn and I’s relationship. How it had come full circle and to where now we care for each other as friends and not just competitors and people working for the same company. We are genuine friends at that point.

We don’t like where we have been put on the card. So we both have chips on our shoulders. He was from San Antonio, I’m from Houston, we’re in Texas. Everything lined up perfectly for that match and that night and it’ll still probably be my proudest moment.

The Undertaker Says Shawn Michaels Rematch Brought Even More Pressure

One year later there could be no question of their position on the card as Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker clashed again in the main event of WrestleMania 26. That match was billed as Michaels’ retirement bout and that brought its own pressure to The Undertaker:

Then even then, leading into the two with Triple H. That was the continuation of those first two matches. Those all just kind of fell together. You’re talking about pressure though. The first one was us proving a point. The second one, the pressure was on me because I’m getting Shawn Michaels’ retirement match.

That’s a heavy heavy responsibility. Cause you want, you know, for somebody who has had a career like Shawn, you wanna make sure that they go away thinking ‘yeah, I can walk away from this. I am ok because we just tore the house down’ So that pressure was huge.

And then now I go into the next two with Triple H. Like I’ve just had two freaking banger matches and now we’re continuing the story with the best friend who is stepping in and completely different styles. Those were four really, really fun years.

The Undertaker also named the star that should have ended his WrestleMania streak. Brock Lesnar was famously the first WWE star to defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania in 2014, two years after his final win at the event over Triple H.

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