The Undertaker Explains How He Dealt With People He Didn’t Like

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The Undertaker explained how he dealt with people in wrestling that he didn’t necessarily like during his legendary career.

During his 30+ year WWE career as The Undertaker, the Deadman was often known as a locker room leader during most of his tenure in the company.

Whenever somebody had to go to Wrestler’s Court due to breaking some sort of locker room etiquette rule, The Undertaker often served as the Judge and made a ruling on whatever punishment was deemed necessary at the time.

On a recent episode of the Hawk vs. Wolf podcast with Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis, The Undertaker was asked about how he dealt with people he didn’t necessarily like in WWE.

“There’s guys. I mean it’s just like any business. There’s guys that you like. There’s guys that you don’t like. Business being business. I may not like you personally, but when I come into a dressing room or when I come into arena, I’m gonna go up to you and I’m gonna shake your hand. That’s all I have to do, right? It’s just a matter of respect that I have for everybody that I work with.”

As he continued, The Undertaker admitted were definitely some guys that he didn’t like during his WWE career.

“I’m not gonna go out and drink with you. I’m not going to party with you. I’m not gonna [celebrate with you], but I will do that. Then there was a lot of guys that I didn’t particularly care for on a personal note.”

Elsewhere in the interview, The Undertaker talked about how he would keep wrestling if he could, but the physical toll of the business prevents him from coming back.