The Rock’s New WCW Series All About Gloating WWE

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The Rock is behind a new documentary about the death of WCW but for one star who was there until the bitter end, the answer to ‘Who killed WCW?’ is everybody.

The team behind the Dark Side of the Ring documentary series revealed on social media that they’re working with The Rock and Seven Bucks Productions on a four-part documentary series titled “Who Killed WCW?” The series will premiere on Tuesday, June 4th at 10 pm on VICE.

Vince McMahon famously bought his competition, ending the Monday Night Wars once and for all which led to the ill-fated Invasion storyline that dominated WWE throughout 2001.

However, many people have wondered after all these years, countless books and documentaries, if another one about the well-worn subject is really necessary.

Lance Storm Thinks The Rock’s WCW Doc Gives WWE A Chance To Gloat

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Live, former WCW star Lance Storm gave his take on yet another documentary about the demise of the company and thinks it’s all about telling a story where WWE gets the win:

I can’t imagine there’s any new ground to cover but I think with The Rock’s new ties to TKO they want to tell a story where WWE gets a win in and this is the most told story.

As for who Storm blames for the death of WCW, he says everyone involved deserves a portion of that pie:

‘Who killed WCW?’ it’s the Agatha Christie ‘Murder On The Orient Express’ finish where everyone did. From creative control [given to] Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash to Eric Bischoff’s arrogance if you will, or giving people creative control in the first place to the sabotaging of Sting to Vince Russo’s booking, Kevin Nash’s booking and ultimately getting to the point where Jamie Kellner pulled the plug, I think there is guilt to be shared all around and I’m sure a gloating WWE taking the victory lap at the end of the show.

Storm also pointed out that a key part of the story is Vince McMahon buying WCW and helping lead the rise of WWE through his storyline with Steve Austin and questioned if glorifying McMahon is something that the company really wants to be doing:

The other crux or difficulty they have to get over is: how do you tell this story without glorifying Vince McMahon? And that’s not exactly a good thing to be doing right now.

Just the fact that the Austin vs. McMahon storyline played such a key role in overtaking WCW and killing WCW if you will. How do you not mention that and glorify someone who should not be painted in a favourable light on your television?

Vince McMahon was forced to resign as Executive Chairman of TKO after a lawsuit was filed against him accusing him of sexual assault and sex trafficking. Since then McMahon has not been mentioned on WWE television as the company hammers home the message of a new era with Triple H running the show.

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