The Rock Issues A Stern Warning To Cody Rhodes

The Rock Cody Rhodes WWE Raw

The Rock has made it clear to Cody Rhodes that he shouldn’t forget about The Final Boss any time soon.

WrestleMania 40 was a great weekend for Cody Rhodes because he beat Roman Reigns to become WWE Champion for the first time on WrestleMania Sunday. However, Cody was also pinned in a tag team match on WrestleMania Saturday when The Rock beat The American Nightmare clean in the middle of the ring.

On the Raw after WrestleMania, The Rock mentioned his victory over Cody. The Rock also said that Roman Reigns’ story with Cody Rhodes may be over, but Cody’s story with The Rock has just begun. The Rock also put something in Cody’s hand and Rock told Cody not to break his heart again.

During that moment on Raw, The Rock also said he was going to go away for a while, which is a reference to his movie commitments. While Rock may not wrestle in a WWE ring again this year, The Rock is expected to be back for WrestleMania 41 and a likely singles match with Rhodes.

In a post on Instagram, The Rock posted a video recapping his story with Cody while also delivering this message.

Congratulations @americannightmarecody the new @wwe Universal Champion.

You bought the Rock ticket, now you’re gonna enjoy the Rock ride — for life 🎟️ 🚀

Open your hand and you take your gift back.

Do it again, and I’ll make you bleed even more.

You hear me boy?

See you down the road

– Final Boss

Does Cody Rhodes Expect To Have A Match With The Rock?

During an appearance on Good Morning Britain while on WWE’s European tour, Cody Rhodes was asked about a potential singles match with The Rock.

“I wanna say yes. I wanna say yes. I think it’ll really come down to, can I be a good champion, or a great champion. Roman Reigns was a great champion.

And will that be enough to entice The Rock? Because that’s what’s happened here. Rock will tell you he made wrestling cool again. Rock made wrestling cool maybe in the first place, but this run it’s a whole new generation, a whole new locker room – Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, myself, Rhea Ripley, all these people.

I think the more we keep this, the better we do, the more chances it lures Rock back in the fray.”

As for the more immediate future, Cody Rhodes will defend the WWE Championship against either AJ Styles or LA Knight at WWE Backlash on May 4th. Knight will face Styles on Smackdown to see who gets to face Rhodes at Backlash.