The Rock And Paul Heyman Send Warnings To Cody Rhodes Ahead Of SmackDown

The Rock and Paul Heyman split

The Rock and Paul Heyman are in no mood for games.

On February 16th, The Rock and Roman Reigns will return to SmackDown for the first time since the famous WrestleMania Kick-Off. During the event, Reigns initially chose to wrestle The Great One at WrestleMania, before Cody Rhodes stepped in and secured his own shot at Reigns and the Undisputed WWE Universal Title.

The event went off the air with The Rock slapping Rhodes to cement his heel turn and sensationally align with Reigns.

On the following episode of SmackDown, Triple H attempted to regain control of the situation by declaring that he was in charge, but it seems that those calls have fallen on deaf ears.

Posting on social media, Paul Heyman said “The People’s Slap” was only the beginning.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, today is a picture-perfect day to ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR TRIBAL CHIEF!

As @WWE tries to grasp the enormity of the events that transpired at the #WrestleMania Kickoff Event in Las @Vegas, I remind you that yet another chapter shall unfold tomorrow, LIVE on @foxtv as #Smackdown will feature not only your humble #Wiseman and the reigning defending Undisputed #WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion @RomanReigns but also The #PeoplesChamp @TheRock!

While @AmericanNightmareCody and @WWERollins face an uncertain future, condemned to live life after #WM40 in the Ocean of Obscurity, it is quite apparent the #Bloodline’s rule on the Island of Relevancy has never been more powerful! The @DeltaCenter in #SaltLakeCity will be the setting, and The People’s Slap was only the beginning of what’s to come next

And that’s not a prediction.

That’s a spoiler!”

For his part, The Rock repeated the warning he sent to Cody Rhodes and the “crybabies” earlier in the week.

Hear the rumble Hear the rumble Run for dem life, when we step into the jungle

You f*cked around and found out quick, didn’t you boy?

You, your little friends and all your crybabies have no idea what’s coming. The world’s on notice.

~ People’s Champ + Tribal Chief

The Rock To Embrace Heel Turn

Meanwhile, a new report has confirmed that The Rock intends to fully embrace his heel persona with the character an updated version of his “Hollywood Rock” persona from 2003. The report teased that this was “just the beginning…”

The Rock hasn’t wrestled a full match since being defeated by John Cena at WrestleMania 29 in 2023, however, it’s believed he will return to action at WrestleMania 40.