The Rock Puts Cody Rhodes & His Crybabies On Notice

The Rock

The Rock has told Cody Rhodes and the rest of the world that a storm is coming to WWE as the tension builds towards an epic showdown at WrestleMania 40.

Cody Rhodes will face Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 40 despite WWE originally planning to have Rhodes forego his match with Reigns as The Rock returned to the company.

The situation was settled at a special press conference where Rhodes ended up on the receiving end of a slap from The Rock after he dared to talk about Roman Reigns’ family – which also just so happens to be The Rock’s family.

However, Rhodes vs. Reigns might not be their only involvement at WrestleMania as a huge tag team match has also been teased for the show. Seth Rollins stood side-by-side with Rhodes during the press conference and on Raw the World Heavyweight Champion told Rhodes that he’d be Rhode’s shield against Reigns and The Rock.

The Rock Warns The Crybabies

Now taking to social media, The Rock sent a strong warning to Cody Rhodes and anyone who stands by his side or supports him:

Hear the rumble Hear the rumble Run for dem life, when we step into the jungle

You f*cked around and found out quick, didn’t you boy?

You, your little friends and all your crybabies have no idea what’s coming. The world’s on notice.

~ People’s Champ + Tribal Chief

The Rock and Roman Reigns will return to SmackDown on February 16th and it remains to be seen if that is when a tag team match featuring the pair for WrestleMania will be confirmed.