The Rock’s Grandmother Heading For WWE Hall Of Fame

The Rock

The Rock’s grandmother will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Lia Maivia — the grandmother of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2024.

The Rock will also be on hand to induct Maivia having previously inducted his father Rocky Johnson and grandfather Peter Maivia.

Lia Maivia was the lead promotor in Hawaii from 1982 until 1988 after her husband passed away. In more recent years, Maivia became a popular character in the TV sitcom “Young Rock.”

Meltzer notes:

“Lia Maivia, born Ofelia Fuatage on August 6, 1931, is obviously here for one reason, that she’s the grandmother of Dwayne Johnson…

Maivia passed away on October 19, 2008, at the age of 77., after a heart attack. They will likely push Maivia as a trailblazer as a woman who promoted pro wrestling.”

To date, WWE has announced Thunderbolt Patterson, the US Express, Muhammad Ali, Paul Heyman and Bull Nakano for the class of 2024.

It had previously been reported that The Rock has had an influence on the Hall of Fame inductees.

The Rock To Return To The Ring At WrestleMania

Aside from appearing at the Hall of Fame and his duties as a member of the TKO Group board, The Rock is due to return to the ring at WrestleMania 40. At the spectacular, the third-generation star will team with Roman Reigns to take on Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins.

If The Bloodline is victorious, the match between Rhodes and Reigns on night two will be contested under “Bloodline rules,” should they lose, The Bloodline will be banned from ringside.

The match will be The Rock’s first since 2013.