The Rock Celebrates 2 Guinness World Records

The Rock

The Rock is the People’s Champion in WWE and now he’s a Guinness World Record holder as well.

The Rock was back in WWE at WrestleMania 40 where he took part in his first match in several years. The Hollywood star teamed with Roman Reigns to defeat Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins in a huge tag team match that headlined night one of the event.

The following night saw Cody Rhodes finish his story and defeat Roman Reigns to win the Undisputed WWE Championship and again The Rock was heavily involved. The match – fought under Bloodline Rules – saw plenty of interference and The Rock confronted his old WrestleMania rival John Cena, laying him out with a Rock Bottom before he was chokeslammed to hell by The Undertaker.

While it remains to be seen when The Rock will be back in a WWE ring, he’s got plenty of reasons to celebrate in the meantime.

The Rock Breaks Guinness World Records

Taking to social media, The Rock shared some advice while celebrating two Guinness World Records related to his TikTok account:

Cool stuff setting a @GWR Most Followed Actor on TikTok

Most Followed American Man in the World

Not too bad for a pimply face kid with an afro who grew up to become famous only for wearing a fanny pack and raising an eyebrow

I’m always asked what’s the keyto having real power + influence in social media? Speak directly and shoot from the hip. Be real and be authentic. Be kind and be good to people. Share the lessons you’ve learned – good and bad. Laugh at yourself. Don’t get pulled into negative sludge and never contribute to toxicity. Laugh at yourself some more.

And always remember, the golden rule – It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice. ~ dj ps.. and drink tequila #guinnessworldrecords