The Rock Buys House For UFC Fighter

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The Rock has displayed his latest act of kindness.

Dwayne Johnson has purchased UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo a house after an interaction on social media.

Gorimbo revealed that he had only $7 in his bank account prior to his victory at UFC Vegas 73, a monetary value that is close to The Great One.

When the UFC Fighter revealed that he would be auctioning off his winning fight kit to help build a clean water well in his native Zimbabwe, Johnson had to meet the inspiring athlete.

As Gorimbo recounted the social media interaction he was surprised with an in-person visit from the WWE legend. The Rock recalled how the story touched his heart and reminded him of his own journey, starting his own career with just seven bucks:

“I’ve got to tell you, your story moved me. When I found out you had $7 in your bank account, I know what that’s like. I was here in Miami when I had $7, but then also you win your second fight, then you sell your fight kit, you buy a water well for your village in Zimbabwe so your people can have clean water.

“Because you could have taken that money and put it down on a car, on an apartment, but you didn’t. You took care of your people, and that just says exactly who you are, and that’s why I flew all the way in. Just to look you in the eyes and tell you, I got your back.”

The wholesome gestures did not stop there, as The Rock would find out where Themba Gorimbo was currently living, sleeping on a sofa above the gym.

Johnson would then show the UFC Fighter an apartment in Maimi, revealing that he had bought the apartment, and presented Gorimbo with the keys to his own place.

Will The Rock Be At WWE SummerSlam?

The Great One has not made an appearance on WWE TV since the debut episode of SmackDown on Fox back in 2019. While not announced or rumoured to be in Detroit, the former WWE Champion has been called out on social media by Superstar Grayson Waller, who would love to have the Hollywood star as a guest on The Grayson Waller Effect.

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