The Rock Mocked By WWE Star On SmackDown

The Rock Dwayne Johnson

A WWE star did his own version of the People’s Elbow on SmackDown, which was a direct shot at The Rock.

In the main event of WWE Smackdown in New Orleans, Jey Uso faced Grayson Waller in singles action. The match was set up after they had a backstage altercation earlier in the night with the cocky Waller trying to insult Jey, who responded with a punch to the jaw.

During their match on Smackdown, Waller got some offense in the match. At one point, Waller did his own version of a People’s Elbow, which included tossing his elbow pad into the crowd just like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson used to do in a WWE ring. Unfortunately for Waller, Jey Uso moved and Waller’s elbow hit the mat.

Unfortunately for Waller, things didn’t go well for him against Jey Uso, who managed to finish him off with a superkick and Uso Splash off the top for the clean win.

Grayson Waller recently spoke about wanting The Rock to appear on WWE TV to be on Waller’s “Grayson Waller Effect” talk show while citing the Hollywood actor & writer strikes, which likely means The Rock is not as busy as he used to be.

Does The Rock Know Grayson Waller?

In something that could certainly count as wrestling trivia, some fans may not know that Grayson Waller might know The Rock on a personal level. That’s because, during the first season of the Young Rock TV show, Waller played the Ric Flair character. The show was being filmed in Australia at the time when COVID-19 shut down a lot of shows in the US, so Young Rock went to Australia and Waller was in the Flair role.

There’s no word yet on if The Rock will appear on WWE TV any time soon or if Waller is just doing it to have some fun.