The Reason Former WWE Superstar Maven Decided To Go “Off-Script” During A Match

The Reason Former WWE Superstar Maven Decided To Go

In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, where the line between script and spontaneity often blurs, unexpected twists can turn the tide of a match. Former WWE wrestler Maven Huffman recently recounted a memorable encounter from his career, shedding light on a peculiar moment during a tryout match with indie wrestler Masada on a 2003 episode of Sunday Night Heat.

Reflecting on the match in a candid video on his YouTube channel, Maven disclosed how Masada’s attempt at a pin, seemingly disrespectful in nature, caught him off guard. Despite Masada’s status as an unsigned talent seeking recognition, Huffman, as the established name in the bout, perceived the move as a challenge to his authority.

Masada was an unsigned talent, he was there strictly trying to get a job. Going into this match, I knew nothing about and I had never seen him wrestling. I do remember how easy he was to work with and to put the match together backstage. I don’t think he was doing it in any way to make himself look better than me, but that’s still how it came across, at the time, I was the name guy, he was the guy trying to get a job, so it was something that I was not about to stand for.

In response, Huffman made a bold decision to deviate from the agreed-upon script. Refusing to sell Masada’s manoeuvres and pin attempts, Huffman took control of the match, asserting his dominance and altering its trajectory. He justified his actions by highlighting the potential ramifications of allowing such behaviour, especially in a match involving a lesser-known wrestler.

Why did I do that? Because in my head, I was imagining Arn Anderson asking me why I would let someone not named Chris Jericho put his foot over top of me.

Huffman candidly expressed his internal dialogue, imagining the scrutiny of wrestling veterans like Arn Anderson questioning his decision to allow a relative newcomer to overstep boundaries. However, Huffman found validation from seasoned producers Arn Anderson and Gerald Briscoe backstage. Both industry stalwarts reassured Huffman that he had acted appropriately, alleviating any concerns about potential repercussions.

As soon as I walk through [the curtain], standing right there is Arn Anderson and Gerald Briscoe, both of them immediately told me I did the right thing.

How Much Money Did Maven Make With WWE?

Maven revealed that he made well over $500,000 during his three-year tenure with WWE. Maven also noted that made a significant chunk of his money from pay-per-view appearances stating that he made $30,000 from a single appearance.

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