The One Thing Matt Hardy Said Was Most Challenging About Working For TNA

The One Thing Matt Hardy Said Was Most Challenging About Working For TNA

Matt Hardy delved into his experiences wrestling in TNA Wrestling’s unique six-sided ring. Hardy highlighted the distinctive challenges this unconventional ring posed compared to the traditional four-sided ring.

Hardy shared his thoughts on the six-sided ring in an episode of his podcast, “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy.”

It was okay, it was a lot more challenging than a four-sided ring. I mean, full transparency, I would rather wrestle in a four-sided ring.

Hardy admitted. However, he acknowledged the six-sided ring’s significance in shaping TNA’s identity, saying:

But I was okay with the six-sided ring because I liked that it was different and it was part of TNA’s identity. And it really made them stand out, and it made them different. So I think that is a good thing to an extent.

Hardy elaborated on the specific difficulties of wrestling in the six-sided ring. He noted the shorter sides, which altered the dynamics of movement and positioning. This made it harder for wrestlers to gauge distances and angles, complicating manoeuvres and strategies. Additionally, the unusual configuration made it challenging to anticipate opponents’ moves, increasing the complexity of matches.

Has Matt Hardy Signed With TNA?

Matt Hardy confirmed that he has not signed to TNA and remains a free agent despite making an appearance at TNA Rebellion on April 20th where he attacked TNA World Champion Moose after he had made a successful defence of his title against Nic Nemeth.

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